Multi-Generational Housing or Increase Your Income

With the newly adopted ADU laws multigenerational living is on the rise in popularity for a variety of reasons, including economic factors, an aging population, cultural diversity, changing family structures, and environmental concerns. While there are challenges to living together in one household, the benefits can be rewarding. If living with family is not in your future consider renting your new ADU and creating additional monthly income.

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Carl Spiteri​

Since 1991, Carl Spiteri has been helping people achieve their financial dreams and goals. From First time homebuyers through Retirement mortgages and everything in between we want to be your lender for life. Having been an adjunct professor at Woodbury University teaching architects and developers about project finance, Additionally Carl teaches the course “Basics of Lending” for the California Association of Realtors. Carl’s breadth of knowledge, the expertise of his team, his experience in credit and debt challenges makes him the perfect person to guide you on your road to financial success. We believe that everyone should have access to quality financial services and solutions regardless of their situation or location; our goal is to make sure that everyone who walks through our doors leaves with a smile on their face – knowing that they made a good decision by choosing us!

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